Loyalty programme

Up to 3% permanent discounts

1% discount
For an expenditure of £100
2% discount
For an expenditure of £200
3% discount
For an expenditure of £300

The bonus points programme rewards regular AgbZoo customers


  • For every 3 GBP spent, you will receive 1 point on your account. It is not necessary to register for the programme to collect points. You just need to log in to your account every time you shop with us.
  • Points are calculated automatically after each order placed and are visible in your account under the heading LOYALTY PROGRAMME.
  • An order is considered completed when it has been paid for and dispatched (the date on which payment is received from the customer or payment by the FedEx courier service is credited).
  • Points do not expire and are always available for use.
  • Redeem your points when you order and your gift will be delivered with your order.
  • It is also possible to claim a prize without having to place an order, but you will then have to pay for delivery of the gift.

How do I exchange points for gifts?

  • LOG IN to your customer account
  • In the account panel, go to the LOYALTY PROGRAMME section.
  • Check the number of points you have accumulated. Great! Now you can enjoy the benefits that await you.
  • Click on PRODUCT POINTS -> you'll be directed to our gift catalogue.
  • Select the product you are interested in (available for the number of points you have. You must have a sufficient number of points - there is no possibility of a cash supplement).
  • Click on the BUY WITH POINTS button
  • You're done! We'll add the selected gift to your basket and the points will be automatically debited from your account!

Loyalty programme rules

Collect points and redeem them for prizes The bonus points programme rewards regular customers of AgbZoo. All the rules of the bonus programme, i.e. the receipt, collection and redemption of bonuses, are defined by the following conditions:

  • The organizer of the program is AgbZoo whose registered office is located in Dęblin REGON: 951148396 Intracommunity VAT number: PL9181757897, UK VAT Registration Number: 440 4861 07.
  • Every customer who has a customer account in the AgbZoo shop participates in the loyalty programme.
  • The loyalty programme is valid from 01.01.2022, the end date is not yet specified.
  • Bonus points are calculated on the basis of the total number of orders placed and completed.
  • Points are credited to the customer's account.
  • The value and number of points cannot be settled in cash.
  • Under no circumstances may the Participant transfer Points to other persons.
  • You can check the number of points you have accumulated by logging into "your account" in the "loyalty programme" category.
  • The zooart.com.pl loyalty programme gifts are selected material items and services that the participant may receive in exchange for the Points accumulated.
  • Points are credited to the customer's account automatically upon receipt of payment for the order.
  • The value of the points earned is linked to the value of the order placed. For every 3 GBP spent, you will receive 1 bonus point.
  • There are two ways to order a prize. If you wish to receive the prize at the same time as ordering, select the product from the gifts catalogue and add it to the basket. The gift will be sent with the purchased products. You can collect your gift without making a purchase in the ZooArt shop by selecting the product in the gifts catalogue, adding it to your basket and confirming that you wish to complete the order. In this case, the customer bears the shipping costs for the price selected.
  • The price range indicated in the catalogue may be changed and modified according to the organiser's needs and possibilities, and also according to the availability of prices.
  • The organiser reserves the right to replace the lot ordered with a similar one or to withdraw individual lots from the gifts catalogue, which will result in the cancellation of the order.
  • In the event that a gift is withdrawn from the catalogue and the instruction to exchange points for a gift is not carried out, the Organiser will return the points to the participant's account.
  • The data contained in the catalogue does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the British Civil Code and is only used for information purposes, enabling the prize to be selected.
  • AgbZoo reserves the right to terminate participation in the bonus programme or to replace it with another programme.
  • Gifts cannot be claimed.